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Amanda and Anslee

Posted by krystal shaw on

Random Rompers. Those two words hit me right in all the feels. September 2015, Krystal Shaw reached out to me on my daughter, Anslee’s IG page. She told me her story on how she’s wanting to start a small shop selling handmade rompers and asked if Anslee would brand rep for her! Brand rep is where an owner of a small shop will send you products to take pictures in and advertise/promote for them.

I was beyond thrilled to help out an upcoming shop get its name out there. Little did I know just how BIG Random Rompers would get! And fast! Holy moly, this shop has grown! The number one reason Random Rompers has become so successful, is hands down because of the owners! They take customer service to a whole new level!

Krystal is always looking at ways to improve her Rompers, by listening to the customers and what they want. Her Rompers are completely customizable for your littles. Tanks, short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves, pants, shorts, capris, YOU name it... she does it! Random Rompers added in Leo’s this year and it’s literally taken the shop to a whole new level! If you haven’t tried one yet, what are you waiting for?
Quote from Miss Anslee: “Oh, this leo is like a romper & swim suit together. I just love it” ❤️

I’m beyond thankful for the friendship I have also grown through the brand. I will always be a customer, supporter, and cheerleader for Krystal!


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