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I need supervision y’all 🤦🏾‍♀️

Posted by krystal shaw on

So I’m about 90% sure I have hit old age and need to be supervised while I’m working. This past couple weeks can be best described as being in the middle of a tornado made out of orders, no sleep, and bills! 


Is it just me or is the beginning of the month the worst for bills? We managed to get our truck notes, rent, office rent, and insurance all due within a week of each other. Another reason I need to be supervised. Somebody who is smart would have spread that out a little bit.


Anyway so we had a huge group to get out, which isn’t really anything abnormal at this point BUT, what is abnormal is the amount of mistakes I was able to make in a two week period! Y’all ain’t gonna believe this $hit! 


  1. I lost track of my fabric ordering and got a whole group behind on Spoonflower orders 🤦🏾‍♀️ while that doesn’t seem like a big deal to some it’s a huge deal to me! The process of ordering our supplies is no easy tasks because of the amount we order from the various suppliers. But I missed marking it on my calendar and put myself a whole group behind. 
  2. I missed not one, not two, but 5 Rompers/ leotards from my cut list. Like how does that even happen? I check it twice like freaking Santa Claus and yet I missed 5. Either I’m crazy or there is an elf erasing items on my lists. I’m gonna go with the Elf. (No matter what Brittany says, I know I’m normal 😜) 
  3. I somehow managed to cut a hole in the back of one of my teammates leotards. Yep in the middle! And then I thought no big deal, I can stitch it. I mean I have a freakin college degree in fashion this hole will be gone.... well it wasn’t. And it tore even more 🤦🏾‍♀️ thankfully I have the best husband in the world and he took apart the entire Leotard so I could replace the back piece. 
  4. I left the office today to help my mom with the intention of returning so I could get a little more done, so I locked up but left the lights and air conditioners on, as well as left my brain ( my notebook I keep track of all work stuff in) and laptop. No big deal because I’m going back. Well I realized when I got 1 mile from house that I forgot to go back to the office. 


I basically can’t deal with myself this week and it’s only Tuesday. I’m going to blame all of this on my severe lack of sleep. I have been having crazy nightmares every night and so far nothing is helping make them go away. Anyone have ideas? 


The highlight of these weeks has been all of you! For those who’s Rompers and leotards weren’t sent on time no one complained. And when I told y’all I messed up and ordered the fabric late no one came down on me. Instead as always you ladies lifted me up! Your kind words and encouragement and the “you’re the best” comments y’all give me seriously make me feel like I’m not a total mess up sometimes and that all the hard work I put into this dream of mine is for mamas just like me who love and support other mamas. How did I ever get so lucky? Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully the 10 reminders in my phone will help me get everything right for you ladies because you all deserve nothing more than the VERY best I can give.😘


  • Give yourself a break! You work hard and we all have bad days/weeks. Maybe you need a day off get in a hot tub or soak in some sun 😉

    Ana on

  • I don’t know if this helps, but maybe try calling the creditors and see if you can’t get the due date changed on a couple so they are spread out more evenly

    Carrie Hill on

  • We actually use dream catchers in my house for nightmares! I dont know if its the dream catcher or the frame of mind the dream catcher provides, but it works for us!

    Roxy on

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