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My baby is moving out 😭

Posted by krystal shaw on

I’m sitting in my home packing up all my babies stuff in boxes, the memories we have shared over the years are flashing in my brain. The comfort of having my baby right down the hall will soon be gone and my anxiety is through the roof! How will I make it through this? How did we get to this day? 

Ok... I know I’m being a bit dramatic but for real y’all! On Wednesday my baby, Random Rompers moves out of our home and into its own office space. I’m half proud beyond believe and half thinking what the f**k are we doing? This is such a huge step, figuring out how to work our schedules so we can get to work and still be home for pick up from the school bus. Along with the logistics, the financial cost of the space, insurance, travel.... omg! It just hit me that my fabric won’t be at home. I may pass out. Maybe I can move into the office so I’m not to far from my fabric? Would that be weird? I’m so excited and at the same time I feel like I’m not ready. We are just parents trying to make a living and make awesome clothes, what are we doing acting like a real business? 

Michael and I will be working in the same space, feet away from each other. Y’all pray for us!  

To think RR started on a small desk with a sewing machine I bought from Walmart. I’m so thankful. Everyone who has ever came to this website or the other before this has assisted in helping my dream come true. I feel like I’m gonna need ALOT of wine to get through this.

Cheers to the next step!



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