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Nope, Monday.

Posted by krystal shaw on

It’s almost 9am on a Monday... and I’m laying the bed.


There are 307 Rompers in this next group... and I’m laying in the bed.


I need to figure out what Basic colors need to be ordered.... but, I’m laying in the bed. 


I need to get Messiah up so we can start homeschool, wait, did I print out the worksheet? Crap! .... I don’t know because I’m laying in the bed. 


I might as well just put on Bruno Mars 🎶Today I don’t feel like doing anything, nothing at all🎶 


I wonder if they would think it’s weird that I’m replying to emails... while laying in the bed 🤷🏾‍♀️


Today I give myself permission to not be the Boss, to not run on my normal crazy schedule where I’m racing the clock praying for more hours. Nope, not today! Today I give myself permission to lay in bed until I want to get up. Today I give myself permission to teach my son for as long as he wants to learn without trying to rush to the office. Today I am going to do the unthinkable, clean my house! 😱.... ok that’s a lie I will probably clean one room and be done with life, but since I’m still laying in the bed I can dream big! I’m going to make my husband an amazing dinner to show him how much I adore him. (Bagged salad counts as a side dish right?.... I think so ) Today I am going to rest, and recharge and prepare mentally for this next massive group. Today I’m going to remember that I am a person who has needs and one of those needs is a break. 


But don’t worry, tomorrow morning the Boss will be back and ready to kick this groups a$$😉😘



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