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Romper Chronicles part 3

Posted by krystal shaw on

If you know me you know that I’m slightly obsessed with my kids, and by slightly I mean completely. To my 10 year old daughter I try to always let her know that I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom 😉 and to my son well he is the prince of the entire world and I tell him that at least 40 times a day. In doing that I have probably single handily turned my prince into a entitled Terrorist who probably has ties to the Taliban at this point. (Insert my  mom of the year award here) so my little prince has been having a hard time at school again. (By again I mean every year since day care. He was actually kicked out of a daycare. How does that even happen?) The teachers claim he throws things and says bad words but we all know that’s a lie........ OK! OK! For real he is basically Chucky at school. Why? I don’t know because he is so sweet at home. Anyway after weeks of this mess the hubs and I have made the choice to homeschool him. 


Now, I’m am BEYOND grateful because every single one of you give me the option to work for myself and have the ability to homeschool him But, I’m also totally overwhelmed 😩. I’m not sure how to fit this one more big thing on my plate. Do any of y’all homeschool? I need all the advice you have. 


On the romper note I’d like to report that they are all being mean to me and won’t sew themselves up! If anyone knows where I can report them please let me know. Lol! Ok real talk y’all this group is massive!! Partly because of my late ordering of fabric and partly because of manufacturer delay in printing fabric. It’s over 300 Rompers! There so SO many amazing mixes in this bunch! Leopard with lace, lots of stripes and florals and faux leather 😍 you guys always pick the best stuff. 


On a personal note I’m basically 30 secs away from a melt down at any given time. Who’s with me?..... no one? Just me? 😂 We mamas juggle more than I think any man will ever understand. I think we all need to have a nightly video chat where we drink and talk and sew cause y’all know I have a lot to sew 


Anyway! Christmas preorders close tonight so be sure you snagged yours if you haven’t yet.  I love y’all! 😘




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