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The Romper Chronicles... part 2

Posted by krystal shaw on

Why is work so weird? 


Getting back into the “going Work mode” is so strange! I have worked from home for over 3 years so all of these normal things I’m sure most of you do everyday are so foreign to me now. 


For instance gas, seriously I used to get gas once every month, maybe once every 3 weeks if I was feeling adventurous and went all the way to the fabric store instead of ordering online. In the past two weeks I have gotten gas twice! Tiffany, (my lovely F150) needs to get her $hit together because I ain’t got time for these gas station breaks and these gas prices. 


Secondly, not having a glass of wine for lunch... I mean with lunch 😉 is just not natural. 


Thirdly, I thought working at home was rough. (Which it is) having my kids annoying me and house work to do, errands to run all while trying to run a business was a lot! But now, now y’all there are added things like traffic! Where the heck are all these people going in the morning! Don’t they have some place to be? 😒 Also meal prep, I forget that I don’t have a full kitchen at my convenience all the time so I have to think about what I’m going to eat the next day or in the morning before I leave. 


While we are on the topic of convenience, I may or may not have used the potty outside today because the main office was locked. 🙈 don’t judge me lol apparently I’m the only crazy person who wanted to work on a Sunday. 


Even with all this weird stuff I’m loving the new office space. I only bring home paper work or emails I need to get done so I’m so much more present with my family. Michael and I are still working on ways to maximize the time we have in the office. I’m sure it’s just a bit of a learning curve. I did use the grocery pick up today and I gotta say my life is changed! I was able to get 30 mins more of work done because I knew my groceries would be waiting for me so shout out to Kroger my new bestie for life! 🙌🏾😂

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  • im glad the grocery thing worked for you. i got frustrated with walmart on fri. their whole site is not customer friendly. but glad you were able to utilize your store in Texas. as for the people, i say this at christmas all the time. like where are these people the rest of the year. they only appear at christmas. its terrible dont people know its better for us if they stay home

    Carrie on

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