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Tristyn, Everly and Dax

Posted by krystal shaw on

So our RR journey began when my sister introduced us to the shop! My niece was born in 2015 and my sister bought her a few and when I found out I was having Everly I couldn’t buy enough! I made my first purchase in January  2016 and it was all over when I got the first one! We joined the team when Ev was 11 months and it has been such a joy to be part of this amazing brand! Now that I have Dax I love these romper even more! I know all boy moms can attest to the fact that it’s so hard to find cute boy clothes that are stylish and RR solves that! I can’t speak highly enough of Krystal Michael, and the rest of the team mamas! It really is like a family and we are honored to be able to help promote and grow RR! Thanks so much for letting us be part of the team and always being so awesome to work with! We love y’all and will always support you! 


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