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Random Rompers
Handmade Rompers Wholesale Information
Wholesale rompers are offered in two ways 
1. Carrying the Random Rompers Brand in your clothing store/ boutique 
2. Purchasing blank rompers to print, dye or otherwise alter in a significant way so they are not being sold blank.
for more information on these options please keep reading. 
Basic Wholesale Information
1. Minimum order is 20 rompers, with each set of 10 being the same style.
2. Wholesale price is 35% off retail. (remember these are handmade) 
3. You may order rompers as shown in the shop, mixes of the basics, or with your own fabrics. 
4. If you would like to source your own fabrics the stretch must be at least 30% 
5. If you supply your own fabrics wholesale price will be 45% new releases retail price.
For more information please email me at